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What's Out There?
Surveying Electronic Resources/Constructing Inquiry Activities

Creating effective inquiry activities that use web resources takes time and skills, knowledge of the resource involved and careful thought about the learning goals you're seeking to accomplish with students. In Chapter 6 of Teaching Online, Ko and Rossen discuss a range of different types of activities, from role playing and simulations to case studies and group-based summaries. This morning we experienced several different approaches from the student perspective. Please use this time to use what you've learned from this process and your long-standing expertise to examine web-based resources in your field and consider ways they could be used to support student centered learning activities.

Step one (20 min.) Working individually or with a partner, look at the list of Web sites (below) selected for this assignment. Choose several that look interesting to you. Explore these sites, assessing content quality, design, and navigation. Take notes on the sites that interest you, and identify aspects of these sites that could be most useful for student learning.

Step two (20 min.) When you've completed your review, pick one site and brainstorm a classroom activity using this resource. (You can use several if you wish, but be careful about overload!) As you work, bear in mind our discussion of
principles of good practice in inquiry-based learning, and consider the following questions:

  • How could this assignment support key learning skills, methods, or mode of thinking?
  • How could the electronic materials suit the assignment's intended pedagogy or methodological goals? What (if any)
    difference do the electronic materials make in construction of the activity (as compared to print materials)?
  • How would this assignment be contextualized in your classroom? How might you follow it up?

Step three (20 min.) Post a sketch of your activity in the Blackboard Discussion Board. Use the questions above and the prompts in the Blackboard discussion area to guide your writing.

Step four (20 min.) Review the activities that others are posting on our Blackboard site, as time permits.

As you listen to each other's activities, think about a) what you can learn from the way others' construct their activities; and b) any questions or suggestions that might further strengthen the proposed activity.

Selected Web Resources


Science NetLinks
The Great Big Respiratory Link Page
The Biology Project
The Tree of Life
Cells Alive!
The Visible Embryo
Physics 2000
The Particle Adventure

American Occupational Therapy Association
Minority Nurse
Pat's Nursing Pages

Eisenhower National Clearinghouse
A Gallery of Interactive Geometry
HyperStat Online
Case Studies Compiled by UCLA Statistics Department
The Math Forum
Math Archives
Visual Calculus
Calculus Graphics
NCTM Illuminations
The Puzzle Archive

CUNY WriteSite
TESOL Online (ESL)
Dave's ESL Cafe
Randall's ESL Cyber Reading Lab

The Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues
Teaching Clinical Psychology
American Psychological Society
Learning and Teaching Support Network (LTSN)
Teaching Psychology
Teachers of Psychology in Secondary Schools

Global Edge International Business Resource Desk
Brint: Business, Technology, Economy Portal
Bretton Woods Project
The World Bank Internet Gateway
Strategy and Business

Don Quixote de la Mancha
La Prensa Latino
Mundo Latino Cultura

Digital Atlas of New York City
The Blackout History Project: New York City 1965/1977
The Victorian Web
Institute for Learning Technologies
American Verse Project
Poet at Work: Recovered Notebooks from the Walt Whitman Collection
History Matters

Literature and Culture in the American 1950s
Mr. William Shakespeare and the Internet
Remembering Nagasaki
Metropolitan Lives: The Ashcan Artist and their New York
The Great Chicago Fire and Web of Memory

Occupational Outlook Handbook (U.S. Dept. Of Labor)
Public Speaking Resources
Open Directory Project Communications/Public Speaking
International Association of Administrative Professionals
New York Times Learning Network
CNN Learning Resources
Bangkok Post Educational Services
US/UK Collaborative Initiative on Racial and Ethnic Health
BBC Learning Resources
BBC World News
PBS Teacher Source

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