To gain an integrated individuality, each of us needs
to cultivate his own garden. But there is no fence about this garden:
it is no sharply marked-off enclosure. Our garden is the world,
in the angle at which it touches our own manner of being.

- John Dewey*


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Introduction (pdf version)
Bret Eynon, LaGuardia Center for Teaching and Learning


Articles [available as pdf by clicking on title]:

Learning to Reflect In and On Action
Marina Dedlovskaya, Mathematics, Engineering, and Computer Science and Patricia Sokolski, Humanities
The Rhetoric of Teaching and Learning Rhetoric
Gary Richmond, Humanities and John Silva, English
The Use of Guided Reflective Journals in Clinical Nursing Courses
Valerie Taylor-Haslip, Health Sciences
The Narrative of Research as a Tool of Pedagogy and Assessment: A Literature Review
Louise Fluk, Library
The Peer Partner-in-Learning: Integrating the Practice of Reflection into the New Student Seminar
Kyoko M. Toyama, Counseling
Co-op, Reflection, and Professional Identity: An Experiential Education Approach
Deborah Robinson, Cooperative Education
Wikis and the Practice of Reflection
Jennifer Horton Benichou and Kathleen Huggard, The English Language Center
Reflection as a Learning Tool in Mathematics
Prabha Betne, Mathematics, Engineering, and Computer Science
Habits of Heart, Habits of Mind
Deborah McMillan-Coddington, Health Sciences
Reflection on Concepts, and the Concept of Reflection
Sreedevi Ande, Mathematics, Engineering, and Computer Science


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*Dewey, John. Individualism, Old and New. 1929. The Later Works, 1925– 1953. Ed. Jo Anne Boydston. Vol. 5. Carbondale: Southern Illinois UP, 1984. 122–23. Print.

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