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Faculty who have participated in professional programs at LaGuardia’s Center for Teaching and Learning have drawn from their growing knowledge and experiences to create a wealth of online resources. Some sites are designed as resources for specific courses, others help make information more readily available to the College community. Still others provide a space for dialogue, enabling colleagues to deepen and expand their communication about issues related to education beyond the structure of institutes and seminars. Many of the faculty sites are useful not only for the LaGuardia community, but as resources for students, educators and others in the world beyond the College. LaGuardia faculty often cite the one-on-one technical assistance they receive from the Center’s instructional design team, including the STMs (Student Technology Mentors), IDAs (Instructional Design Assistants), and instructional designers credited below, as a key ingredient in being able to develop and produce online resources.

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F a c u l t y   W e b s i t e s

The African Roots of Latin Music
This site was conceptualized by Ana Maria Hernandez. Funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities, Hernandez guided the project and, in collaboration with Max Rodriguez and Gustavo Moretto, developed the course resources and materials. Abby Schoneboom designed the site, and developed it in conjunction with IDA Delwar Sayeed and Priscilla Stadler.
Math on the Web (http://faculty.lagcc.cuny.edu/hdelcham)
Hendrick Delcham has done a great job of incorporating online textbook materials and tutorials with his own review notes, homework assignments and student projects. Students can take advantage of this clear and easy to navigate site to find the help they need as they make their way through algebra, pre-calculus and statistics courses. This site was designed by Turgut Tezir.

Phyllis van Slyck (http://faculty.lagcc.cuny.edu/phyllisvs/default.htm)
Collecting images, syllabi, sample lessons, links to Phyllis van Slyck's work in the area of learning communities, and other features, this website, developed with the help of Abby Schoneboom, provides an excellent picture of Professor van Slyck's commitment to pedagogy that reflects an awareness of cultural diversity as well as her interest in postcolonial literature (African, Caribbean, Latin American literature), literature of the Southwest, Hispanic-American literature; and postmodern and psychoanalytic approaches to literature, in particular, explorations of "identity" as a social and psychological construct.

ESL Listening and Reading (http://faculty.lagcc.cuny.edu/mcourtney)
Both of the course websites available through this link provide excellent examples of how to make materials and resources readily available to students. In addition to thoughtful lessons, comprehensive external links and provocative discussion board prompts, you’ll see how easy it is to integrate Blackboard features into a website of your own design. Monica Courtney developed these sites. Abby Schoneboom worked on the Reading course site; IDAs Delwar Sayeed and Winston Casalinuevo on the Listening/Speaking course site.
Gary Richmond (http://faculty.lagcc.cuny.edu/garyrichmond)
Offering syllabi, course materials, information regarding the Annual LaGuardia Speech Contest, a brief description of his research interests, PDF versions of professional papers and PowerPoint presentations, the site is useful for both students and colleagues. The home page provides insight into the thinking underlying his pedagogy. This site was designed by Gary Richmond and STM Mariusz Tybinski.
Liz Iannotti's ESL Course Websites (http://faculty.lagcc.cuny.edu/eiannotti)
With a remarkable array of resources developed to help students strengthen their language skills through inquiry learning and project-based approaches, this suite of sites provides examples, assignments, and links to additional materials that are useful for faculty in many disciplines. Featured sites include: a research-based project on Harlem that includes video by students, a digital storytelling site with students' multimedia memoirs and educators' resources, and the City Stories project where immigrant students research and create digital stories based on researching their new communities. Each of the sites was designed by Delwar Sayeed and Liz Ianotti.

Marian Arkin (http://faculty.lagcc.cuny.edu/arkinma/default.htm)
Marian Arkin, English Department, worked with IDA Delwar Sayeed to develop a site that clearly articulates her belief in the value of teaching and highlights her work in faculty development, as the creator and director of the Writing Center, and as an author.

Erika Heppner (http://faculty.lagcc.cuny.edu/eheppner)
Students in Erika Heppner's Oral Communication for the Non-Native Speaker courses tell their stories and post them on these pages. You'll read powerful narratives, and the sound files posted will enable you to hear those stories in the students' own voices. Check out the HUL Radio 100 course to see what students did when given the opportunity to develop their own radio scripts! IDA Turgut Tezir designed the web site.
Kamal Hajallie (http://faculty.lagcc.cuny.edu/khajallie/courses.htm)
All relevant course materials such as syllabi, assignments, practice exams, and solutions to exam questions have been posted here for easy access. There are also links that will help students master the course material, and sites that allow students to work on problems interactively or read about certain concepts and study examples. For those who are interested in a historical perspective, there is link to a wonderful history of mathematics site. This site was designed by Kamal Hajallie and IDA Delwar Sayeed.
Nancy Gross (http://faculty.lagcc.cuny.edu/ngross/PairedCourses.htm) taught an ESL 98/Human Services 101 pair in the Spring of 2003. This is a collection of the writing students did while in that pair. IDA Mariam Abdallah designed the site. This type of course website can be a precursor to students’ ePortfolio experience.
Evelyn Burg (http://faculty.lagcc.cuny.edu/burgev)
Containing syllabi for her various college courses, suggested assignments for College Now Literacy and Propaganda instructors, links to the Blackboard course management system and practice for the ACT/COMPASS exam, the LaGuardia homepage and Internet sources, as well as her work with Women for Afghan Women, this site was developed by Evelyn Burg and IDAs Dominika Kubica and Kevin Miu.
George McCormack (http://faculty.lagcc.cuny.edu/gmccormack/default.htm)
Developed with the invaluable assistance of IDA Ali Abdallah, this ambitious site provides Math 096 students (and other math challenged people!) an opportunity to watch the solving of math problems unfold step by step as they hear and watch videos of Professor McCormack explaining how to solve the problems.
Patti Juza (http://faculty.lagcc.cuny.edu/pjuza) developed this site for her advanced level ESL reading course focusing on Fast Food Nation. Bi-weekly course assignments are listed and linked for easy access. Links to additional resources provide students with information about cultural references crucial to understanding the text.

Carolyn Sterling-Deer (http://faculty.lagcc.cuny.edu/carolynsd)
Carolyn Sterling-Deer, Academic ESL, worked with IDA Mariam Abdallah to create a professional website which highlights teaching and involvement in special projects. In line with the professional focus of the website, a current resume and conference presentations are also available.

Nurper Gokhan (http://www.lagcc.cuny.edu/psychology/moma/) developed this site with the help of IDA Sada Hye-Jaman. The site provides details of the staging and development of a semester-long research project which requires General Psychology students to visit the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) and select an art piece which they relate to a psychological concept. Visit the site to see the specific materials used in this project, as well as examples of students' papers.
Developed by Carolyn Sterling-Deer, the Intercultural Women's Discussion Group (http://faculty.lagcc.cuny.edu/carolynsd/index.htm) website was created to foster online communication among female second language learners. Its primary purpose is communication and, particularly, to encourage communication among young immigrant females enrolled in college-level studies. IDA Mariam Abdallah designed the site.
Patricia M. Dillon, RN Nursing Program, developed a web-based module on fetal circulation for students in her SCR 270 Parent Child Nursing class. Complete with images and explanations of the process, this site provides students with an easy to use reference page, complete with links to other resources.

Michael Rodriguez (http://faculty.lagcc.cuny.edu/mirodriguez/default_.htm), faculty in the College's Fine Arts program, worked with IDA Benzene Garas to create a website replete with images of his acrylic on canvas paintings that can be viewed as animated images or as stills. The animated sequences allow for a more interactive experience for the viewer allowing the paintings to come to life in a manner only the computer can allow. The website also includes practical information such as information about upcoming exhibitions, an essay by art critic Tom Moody and a brief chronology of his studies and exhibitions.
Diane Nahas's School to Work Transitioning (http://faculty.lagcc.cuny.edu/dnahas) site is designed to establish convenient communication about curriculum content between instructor and current and past students anytime, any place. Materials on this site have been assembled in alignment with the Cooperative Education Department goal of helping students to prepare for the 21st century workplace. Information about economics, technology, career guidance and personality assessment, workplace conditions and cultural diversity is posted. Grateful thanks are extended to IDA Delwar Sayeed for his generosity and graciousness in making use of his computer expertise and artistic sensibility to envision and construct the design of this site.

Sparked by work done at other institutions, Phyllis van Slyck and Paula Nesoff led a group of eleven LaGuardia faculty interested in exploring the concept of teaching portfolios. Teaching portfolios may include course portfolio materials, but they also offer a larger, more holistic picture of a faculty member’s practice, including professional development projects and activities that have an impact on teaching and values that shape an individual faculty member’s curricular and pedagogical choices. To get a clearer idea what this trend is all about, check the Teaching Portfolio site (http://www.lagcc.cuny.edu/tps). Phyllis van Slyck, Abby Schoneboom and IDA Delwar Sayeed designed and developed the site.

Less than a week after completing the Digital Storytelling Workshop offered by the LaGuardia Center for Teaching and Learning, Nya Naikyemi S. Odedefaa Manyansa (http://iyatala.blogspot.com) developed this site as a way of chronicling her travels throughout Egypt with primary researcher, Prof. Manu Ampim. Already this site is being used by several families who are homeschooling their children. Ms. Odedefaa Manyansa also plans to use this site for the African American Experience course she teaches at John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

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F i r s t   Y e a r   R e a d i n g   S i t e s



In 2000, LaGuardia added the “common reading” to the First Year Experience program. The goals of having a common reading, a practice used by many colleges and universities, are to establish a greater sense of community among students and to provide an introduction to intellectual life at the college. To help students through the reading, and to provide a faculty forum for sharing ideas and activities, LaGuardia faculty developed websites including instructional materials, suggestions for activities, reading guides, etc. The Common Reading website content is designed by a different faculty member each year. Faculty site creators include: Jane Selden & Mary Fjeldstad (Having Our Say), J. Elizabeth Clark & Arthur Lau (When I Was Puerto Rican), Jane Holzka (West of Kabul, East of New York), Will Koolsbergen (The Laramie Project), Evelyn Burg and Paati Juza (Maus), George McCormack (Nickle and Dimed), and Ximena Gallardo (An Inconvenient Truth).

The faculty collaborated closely with Center staff on the content and technical aspects of each site. The common reading site for An Inconvenient Truth was designed by Priscilla Stadler with assistance from Ali Abdallah. Mr. Abdallah developed The Laramie Project, West of Kabul East of New York and Having Our Say sites. The When I Was Puerto Rican site was developed by Abby Schoneboom.

An Inconvenient Truth

Nickle and Dimed


The Laramie Project

West of Kabul, East of New York

When I Was Puerto Rican

Having Our Say

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C o l l e g e   R e s o u r c e s

English Language Center (http://esl.lagcc.cuny.edu)
The English Language Center (TELC) is the largest ESL program in the New York City metropolitan area, serving approximately 7,000 students a year. TELC is part of the Division of Adult and Continuing Education at LaGuardia Community College of the City University of New York (CUNY). This site has all the information a student needs to enroll in the ESL programs in LaGuardia Community College. Liz Iannotti and IDA Delwar Sayeed designed the site.

Employment & Career Services Center
LaGuardia Community College’s Employment & Career Services Center's goal is to assist and prepare students, graduates and alumni of LaGuardia in becoming competitive and successful job seekers. The Employment & Career Services Center offers a variety of career related services geared towards increasing your chances for career success. Rachel Walker developed the content and IDA Delwar Sayeed designed the site.

Anatomy and Physiology Lab - M 238
Anatomy and Physiology Lab - M 238 s dedicated to helping students of Human Biology achieve excellence in the courses SCB203 and SCB204, requirements for all Allied Health programs: Nursing (RN and LPN), Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Emergency Medical Technology. Sarah Durand and IDA Delwar Sayeed have developed the site.

College Alliance for Transitional Career Help
CUNY Catch is a transitional program, initiated by LaGuardia Community College to serve adolescents at risk attending high school and preparing for release to their home communities. This alliance of LaGuardia, Bronx Community College, and Medgar Evers College has developed a model for transitional services that is recognized nationally for its strong case management approach and emulated by both New York City Department of Correction and New York State Education Department. IDA Delwar Sayeed worked with Samuel E. Farrell to design develop the site.

Designed for Learning at Adult and Continuing Education
As program administrators and faculty from The Division of Adult and Continuing Education (ACE) who have graduated from the Designed for Learning program (DFL), we wanted to share our new skills with colleagues in the division. Our solution was to provide "project-driven" consultation to colleagues. To this end, we compiled an "ACE Designed for Learning Directory." The directory provides contact information about the ACE DFL graduates, our projects, our technical experience, and the consulting services that we are offering to faculty and staff in the division. It also includes a glossary to help people navigate the directory.

In 2004, the Writing Center (http://www.laguardia.edu/writingcenter), directed by Marian Arkin, celebrated its 30th anniversary at LaGuardia. This site collects information about the Writing Center as well as interviews with students and with the staff, tutors and faculty who have made the Writing Center so successful in helping students develop their writing ability. The site also provides links to Writing Center FAQs, schedules, information about the ACT test and other useful information for faculty and students. IDA Delwar Sayeed worked with Marian Arkin to design and develop this site.

Looking for the perfect video to complement your class? This website, developed by Kenneth Schlesinger will save you time and effort. Mediagraphies are compiled collections of videotape programs, organized by subject (African-American History, Disabilities, Islamic culture, etc.), which can be used to support individual courses or special projects. If there’s a particular topic for which you need a mediagraphy, please get in touch with Kenneth (kschlesinger@lagcc.cuny.edu).

Academic ESL Lab (http://faculty.lagcc.cuny.edu/rosahr)
This site provides up-to-date and easy to read lab and tutoring schedules as well as detailed descriptions of the resources and services available for ESL learners and faculty. Whether you’re a student, staff member, tutor, prospective tutor or faculty member, this site will help you understand how to get help with developing English skills. This site was created by Rosa Herrera-Rodriguez with help from Abby Schoneboom and IDA Dennis Bejar.

English Language Center Faculty Resources (http://www.laguardia.edu/telc)
When prompted for the password, type in “telcfaculty” and you’ll open the door to a wealth of ESL resources for faculty. Liz Iannotti and IDA Delwar Sayeed designed the site to make it easy to find materials, ideas for class trips, lesson plans, song lyrics, etc. All materials are indexed and presented in an attractive and easy to find and download format. You’ll also find information about English Language Center courses, staff and policies.

Communication Skills Department/ Reading Lab Web Site (http://www.lagcc.cuny.edu/cslab)
Developed by Mary Fjeldstad, Karen Kearns, Arthur Lau and IDA Ali Abdallah for use by students enrolled in reading courses at LaGuardia, the site guides students to information about the college and the department, and provides links to lessons developed by Communication Skills faculty. The web site also provides a link to software recently created by the LaGuardia’s Webmaster, Gianina Tavares, to help students prepare for the ACT Reading Comprehension test. The reading selections, practice questions and interactive feedback were written and/or adapted by Mary Fjeldstad.

College Discovery (http://www.lagcc.cuny.edu/discover/missionstatement.htm)
Guided by Kyoko Toyama and Anthony DeLuca and developed by IDA Ali Abdallah, this site provides students with a list of support programs and services for which they may be eligible. The contact list, links to other services and resources make it easier for students to make connections. The online form allows students to submit an email address so they can easily get updates, information about new programs, and more.
Mentoring Program (http://www.lagcc.cuny.edu/mentorprogram/default.htm) IDA Ali Abdallah created this site under the direction of Steve Dauz and Vincent Bruno. Both aspiring and current mentors, and those students in need of mentoring services are well-served by the concise and clear information about the program as well as the online application forms.

CUNY Proficiency Exam (http://www.laguardia.edu/cpe)
Designed by Sue Young and IDA Delwar Sayeed, the FAQs on this site help students to understand the purposes of the exam and the grading criteria used, see sample questions, and connect to resources which will help them prepare for the test.

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D e p a r t m e n t s   a n d   P r o g r a m s

Department of Education and Language Acquisition
The Department of Education and Language Acquisition (http://www.lagcc.cuny.edu/ela/)
A multidisciplinary liberal arts department that houses programs in Teacher Education, Modern Languages and Literatures, Academic ESL, and Language Study, the department is dedicated to the College's goal of internationalizing the curriculum. The department offers courses in educational theory and practice, several world languages and national literatures, urban studies, linguistics, and English as a second language. Degree programs in Bilingual Education, Childhood Education, Secondary Education, and Latin American Studies are also sponsored by the department.
English Department
English Department (http://www.lagcc.cuny.edu/english/)
The English Department website was designed by J. Elizabeth Clark, Karlyn Koh and Phyllis van Slyck and created by Delwar Sayeed. The site contains some interesting narratives by Marian Arkin and Daniel Lynch on the history of the English Department and the College; links to individual faculty members' scholarly work and teaching interests; course descriptions; departmental administrators, the Writing Center and testing information. It is a work in progress. New faculty and course information will be added each year.
American Sign Language Portal
American Sign Language & ASL/English Interpretation Programs (http://www.lagcc.cuny.edu/asl/) This web portal is a gateway to LaGuardia's three programs that offer credit and non-credit ASL courses. Carole Lazorisak and IDA Benzene Garas, along with other STMs, created this site that includes program information, curriculum, resources, links and contacts. The Deaf Studies Degree Program website was also created. This portal site enables viewers to explore and locate a program of their interest.
Learning Communities (http://www.laguardia.edu/lc) The College has a variety of learning communities for first year students including liberal arts clusters, ESL pairs, the New Student House, and First Year Academies. Our liberal arts clusters date from the 1970’s, our ESL Pairs and New Student House were conceived in the early 1990’s and our First Year Academies were piloted in 2003. It's important for our students to learn about opportunitites these programs afford; this site, designed by Phyllis van Slyck, Abby Schoneboom and IDA Delwar Sayeed with contributions from Carolyn Sterling-Deer, helps toward that end.
LaGuardia's ePortfolio (http://eportfolio.lagcc.cuny.edu) project helps students examine and reflect on their learning and career goals, smoothing the transition from LaGuardia to the worlds of work and advanced education. The ePortfolio encourages students to think about their learning in a broad context of family, career, culture and experience. It provides a record of where a student is, where a student has been and where a student would like to go. LaGuardia's ePortfolio initiative is part of a national trend in colleges across the country. What distinguishes the ePortfolio at LaGuardia is the presentation of student diversity through text, images and other creative work.
The First Year Academies site (http://faculty.lagcc.cuny.edu/ctl/firstyear) presents an exciting opportunity for students in their first semester at the College. This site provides information about the program for faculty, a list of resources and links to similar efforts nation-wide, and a list of faculty participating in the project. The site was designed by IDA Denis Bejar.
Social Sciences (http://www.lagcc.cuny.edu/socialscience/) Developed by Nurper Gokhan and IDAs Sada Hye-Jaman and Mariam Abdallah, the site summarizes the mission and pedagogical philosophy of the department and provides information about the various disciplines and courses offered through Social Sciences.

Humanities (http://www.lagcc.cuny.edu/humanities)
Developed by Santo Trapani, this site provides students with a valuable introduction to the Humanities Department's programs and courses.


The Program for Deaf Adults (PDA)'s Continuing Education Program (http://faculty.lagcc.cuny.edu/kburland/)
LaGuardia's Program for Deaf Adults has been serving deaf and hard of hearing students since 1975. Among their many Continuing Education offerings are courses that range from basic language and math skills to driver education to computer skills. The Program also offers individual instruction, classes in American Sign Language (ASL) and consultation services. The site was developed by Kat Burland and IDA Turgut Tezir.
Physical Therapy Assistant Program (http://www.lagcc.cuny.edu/ptaprogram)
Information about the courses, requirements and the program, job listings, and contact information for program graduations is collected on this site, developed by Jackie Ross and designed by IDA Denis Bejar.
Mortuary Sciences Program (http://www.lagcc.cuny.edu/msp)
the program's course requirements, schedules, and curricular information are provided. This site was designed by Denis Bejar.

Mathematics Department (http://www.laguardia.edu/math/)
The LaGuardia Community College Math Department serves a diverse population of students living and/or working in the neighborhoods of western Queens. The department offers a wide variety of courses: from arithmetic and basic algebra to linear algebra, calculus, and differential equations. Matriculated students begin the study of mathematics at levels determined by a placement examination. This site was developed by Delwar Sayeed.

Cooperative Education (http://www.lagcc.cuny.edu/coopedu)
Designed to make it easier for students to obtain career and transfer information, this site includes access to licensed databases, web links, magazine, journal and print resources in six areas:Occupations and Careers; Careers by Major; Self-Assessment; The Job Search/Salary Information; Transfer/Career Success; and, Industry & Company Resources. In addition, a Career and Job Resources Tutorial tailored to LaGuardia students provides instructional support to first-time users of career resources. The site was developed by Diane Ducat and IDA Denis Bejar.

In the Writing in the Disciplines (http://www.laguardia.edu/wid/default.htm) professional development seminar, faculty from departments across the College develop a variety of low- and high- stakes writing activities to help students learn the material they are studying. The writing that students engage in while taking writing intensive courses gives students the support and instruction they need in order to become better writers. This site provides information about the seminar, sample assignments, help for responding to student writing and links to tutoring services as well as information about the CPE and ACT tests.

The Sabbatical Program (http://faculty.lagcc.cuny.edu/bgallagher)
The Teacher Sabbatical Program at LaGuardia provides integrated courses of study for teachers in the New York City school system. Brian Gallagher, designer and teacher of three of the sabbatical programs, created this site with the help of IDA Delwar Sayeed.

Dietetic and Foodservice Management (http://www.laguardia.edu/dfmprogram/default.htm)
The new Dietetic and Foodservice Management web site provides students and prospective students with informatin about the programs offered at LaGCC in this diverse discipline. Student forms, program brochures, job listings, related links, and much more can be accessed by individuals visiting the site. The web site was developed by the program faculty with the expertise of Delwar Sayeed.

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S p e c i a l   P r o j e c t s

Digital Storytelling at LaGuardia
By using images and narrative to express significant parts of their experience, students can tell powerful digital stories while learning a broad array of skills including research, story development, writing and editing, sequencing, and working with images and/or multimedia. LaGuardia faculty are exploring ways of using this dynamic process so students may demonstrate their learning and create a product they can be proud of. Digital story projects range from individual personal experiences, to telling group stories in which students research their communities, to enacting aspects of historical events or texts they are studying.

African Heritage Celebration at LaGuardia
This celebration offered two days of extensive programs including film, lectures, a procession, an African history display by the LaGuardia Archives, a vendors market, an ancestral grove, a display of Shona stone sculptures, cultural performances, student presentations and African cuisine. The web site features video interviews with LaGuardia's president, faculty, and students about the meaning and impact of celebrating African heritage at LaGuardia, brief biographies of prominent Africans and African-Americans, and additional resource links. The site was developed and designed by IDA Delwar Sayeed and Kazembe Batts of LaGuardia's Student Life office.
Remembering Hiroshima and Nagasaki (http://www.lagcc.cuny.edu/ctl/peace/ap.htm)
Providing rich resources for faculty, this site was developed to complement the college-wide event, "Remembering Hiroshima and Nagasaki: Our Commitment to Peace 60 Years after the Atomic Bombs." There are links to survivors' eyewitness testimonies, historical documents, the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum, and to art and poetry spawned by the horrific events. Kyoko Toyama and Bill Seto selected the content and IDA Delwar Sayeed designed the site.
Martin Luther King Day (http://faculty.lagcc.cuny.edu/ctl/mlk)
The College celebrates the life and work of Dr. King each January. This resource-rich site, designed by members of the MLK Day committee and developed by IDA Delwar Sayeed, provides text from important speeches, information about the events at LaGuardia, teaching resources, and volunteer opportunities that continue King's legacy of working for social justice.
Global Perspectives (http://faculty.lagcc.cuny.edu/fdiallo/)
Global Perspectives was initially created by Florence Diallo to support the visit of the Kenyan Ambassador to the United Nations to deliver a lecture on women and development. Diallo has posted numerous links which provide background information on Kenya and gender issues, a map and guided questions for classroom discussion. The website is a resource for faculty and students engaged in exploring international issues. Faculty are encouraged to contact Florence Diallo if they wish to post relevant information on the site. Major technical support was supplied by STM Ravi Singh. IDA Odida Roberts created the original design.
Commemoration of the Haitian Bicentennial (http://faculty.lagcc.cuny.edu/ctl/haiti/default.htm) Developed in conjunction with the 2004 two day educational and cultural celebration at LaGuardia, Haitian history, culture and contemporary issues come alive on this website designed by Adjoa Gzifa, Eileen Flanagan and IDA Delwar Sayeed.

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