Note: All files are in PDF format.

Video Blog Workshop
Instructor: Nya Naikyemi Odedefaa


Beginner ESL (CIET)
Instructor: Elizabeth Riker

Digital Story Telling Brainstorming
Picture Homework
EFF Wheel
Supplemental Handouts:
Digital Story
Basic Computer Operations
How to Print Pictures
Team Leaders and Groups
Using MS Word
Using Quicktime Pro for Digital Stories
Sample Project: Maria

Advanced ESL (TELC)
Instructor: Liz Iannotti

Class Assignment (Personal Story)
Class Assignment (History Project)
Moviemaker Basics
Story Ideas handout (from the Center for Digital Storytelling)
Storyboard Handout
Grading Rubric
Student Release Form
Sample Projects
: Choi, Euk Ok

HUL 100 Oral Communication and the Non-native Speaker
Instructor: Erika Heppner

Class Assignment