Designed for Learning Summer Institute Agenda
Friday, September 24, 2010 - Day 2 of DFL 2.0 2010-11 Opening Institute

8:30 am

Coffee, rolls, tech tips and resources

9:00 am

Welcome Back! Re-Introductions
Priscilla Stadler, Ximena Gallardo, Gary Richmond

9:20 am

The Technological Landscape: Discussion of Wesch and Turkle readings
Ximena Gallardo, Gary Richmond

10:15 am

Hands-on Blogging Basics Part 2 with Dr. X
Ximena Gallardo

11:00 am


11:15 am

Back to the Future: A Refresher and Exploration of Inquiry Learning
Priscilla Stadler

12:15 pm


1:15 pm

Using ePortfolio for Teaching and Learning in Varied Contexts
Sean Galvin, Gary Richmond

2:00 pm Peer Response, Peer Critique, Online Prompts, and Wikis!
Instructions, Sample Prompts for Peer Critique, Rubric Guide for Rating Sample Prompts
Gary Richmond

3:20 pm


3:35 pm

Wikify! Hands-on Wiki Practice with True and False Tips
Ximena Gallardo

4:15 pm

Wrap-Up: Learning Log and (Very Quick) Tell Us What You Want Tech Survey

Homework: Worksheet: Guide Questions for Developing Effective Online Prompts and Assignment: Draft Prompt for Online Discussion

Reminder: DFL 2.0 Participants' Responsibilities (a.k.a. the "Pink Sheet"),
Web 2.0 Group Assignments, link to STM request form

Wednesday, June 16, 2010 - Day 1 of DFL 2.0 2010-11 Opening Institute

8:30 am

Coffee and rolls

9:00 am

Welcome, Introductions and Ice-Breaker
Priscilla Stadler, Ximena Gallardo, Gary Richmond

9:25 am

Web 2.0?? So, what exactly is it, anyway?
Ximena Gallardo

9:50 am

The Pedagogies of Engagement: Discussion, Keynote Presentation, and DFL 2.0 Nuts and Bolts (a.k.a. Your Seminar Responsibilities)
Priscilla Stadler, Gary Richmond

10:55 am


11:25 am

Hands-on with Blogger plus Online Brainstorm: Integrating Web 2.0 with Pedagogy
Ximena Gallardo

12:00 pm


1:00 pm

Hands-on: Making a Group Wiki with Google Sites
Priscilla Stadler

1:30 pm The Active Learning Classroom Gets Wired: Inquiry Learning with Web 2.0

Inquiry Activity Groups


4:00 pm

Discussion: Real-life Choices: Blogger vs. Bbd?

4:15 pm

Reflective Writing: Where Am I Coming From? Where Am I Going?
Write on Blogger or Blackboard

4:30 pm

Wrap-Up: Web 2.0 Group Assignments, link to STM request form and Homework: Core Readings by Wesch and Turkle (please see packet)