Designed for Learning Summer Institute Agenda
Friday, November 12, 2010

8:30 am

Coffee, rolls, tech tips and resources

9:00 am

Priscilla Stadler

9:05 am

Inquiring Minds Want to Know (and Talk) about Inquiry Learning!
* An Inquiry Go-Around!
* Speaking of Inquiry, Let Me Tell You My Idea...
Priscilla Stadler, Ximena Gallardo

10:15 am

Facebook Group Presents
Maureen Doyle, Dianne Conyers, Yevi Granovskaya

10:45 am


10:55 am

Dancing with Databases
Dianne Conyers and Catherine Stern, Library

11:45 pm

Homework and Learning Logs

Next meeting we'll take a field trip to the CUNY IT conference. It's free but space is limited, so you must register:

Two Assignments are due for December, and two for January. Complete information is available here.
(1) Due by December 3rd on the DFL blog: write a brief letter to a DFL 2.0 colleague about potential web resources you are considering for use in your web-based inquiry activity.
(2) Blogging the CUNY IT conference

Please note that if you need help with posting a blog entry, Ximena ( has volunteered to help folks. Thanks, X!

Two assignments are due for our full-day January 21, 2011 Institute:
(1) Draft 2 of your web-based inquiry activity for Spring 1 implementation
(2) Read the Action + Reflection Article (four pages) - p. 45 in DFL 2.0 packet