Designed for Learning Summer Institute Agenda
Friday, March 11, 2011

8:30 am

Coffee, rolls, tech tips and resources

9:00 am


9:05 am

Guided Meditation
Gary Richmond

9: 15 am

Reflecting on Reflection - Discussion of Bret Eynon's Introduction to In Transit v. 4 (Reflection)
Gary Richmond, Priscilla Stadler

10:05 am

Reflection and Feedback on Reflective Prompts
(some possible criteria for generating or evaluating reflective prompts or activities)
Gary Richmond, Priscilla Stadler

10:50 am


11:00 am

YouTube Group Presentation
Alvin Bradley, Janice Bloomfield-Alves, and Sean Galvin

11:40 am

Coming Right Up! Student Pre-Surveys, ePortfolios this Spring
Ximena Gallardo, Priscilla Stadler


Homework and Learning Logs

REMINDER: Student pre-surveys need to be filled out by MARCH 18th! Available online at:

Three Assignments are due for April. Complete information is available here.

(1) Put all the relevant content you have thus far into your Seminar ePortfolio.

(2) Read Carol Rodgers’ Seeing Student Learning: Teacher Change and the Role of Reflection.

(3) Finally, if you did not lead an online discussion with your students last semester (remember those prompts we workshopped together?) please be sure to implement that discussion this semester. If you did lead the discussion, pleaseuse ePortfolio to reflect about your experience. If you would like to revise what you did last fall and try it again this spring that would be fantastic!