The Designed for Learning seminar is a core program of the LaGuardia Center for Teaching and Learning. It is a key component of the initiative supported by a five-year Title V grant from the U.S. Department of Education, intended to assist LaGuardia faculty and students as they advance learning and teaching with new digital resources.

The year-long Designed for Learning seminar includes intensive institutes, hands-on training, classroom experimentation, and reflective discussion. The core of the seminar is faculty conversation that links pedagogy and technology, exciting possibilities, and "nitty gritty" realities. Areas explored include guided inquiry with on-line resources; on-line interactivity to improve student literacy and deepen learning; student and faculty-authored multimedia presentations; and the creation and effective use of course web and Blackboard sites. The seminar is led by the faculty leaders and Center staff, and mobilizes faculty expertise from LaGuardia and colleges nationwide.

The goals of the Designed for Learning seminar are to enhance student learning and increase student technology skills by:

  • Introducing faculty participants to a broad range of digital tools and resources for the classroom;
  • Assisting faculty as they develop innovative and effective strategies for integrating digital tools into their classroom learning and teaching process;
  • Developing a widening community of LaGuardia faculty who develop new classroom strategies and engage in dialogue about pedagogy, curriculum, and technology.

Outcomes documented by our outside evaluator have included advances in these areas:

  • Growth in faculty skills with a range of new technologies;
  • Advances in student confidence and skill in using technology for learning;
  • Increased student engagement with course subject matter;
  • Greater student engagement with faculty and other students;
  • Increased student familiarity with on-line resources available through the Library;
  • Improvement in students' ability to use the computer for writing and communication.

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