Making Connections

A CUNY General Education Conference on Integrative Learning

LaGuardia Community College
May 6, 2005
9:00am* - 4:00pm
Little Theater, Main Building

*Breakfast and Registration from 8:30am - 9:00am

Integrative Learning

What do we want students to know when they graduate from college?
How do students connect their learning across courses and over time?
When do students attach discrete facts to concepts, the mark of sophisticated thinkers?
How do we help students develop the enduring habits of mind that facilitate life-long learning?

The Making Connections Conference

The Making Connections Conference invites CUNY faculty to join the national conversation about Integrative Learning - a movement to help students make connections across courses, disciplines, and semesters, using approaches such as first year programs, learning communities, interdisciplinary teaching and capstone courses. Linked to a broad CUNY effort to strengthen undergraduate education, Making Connections will feature presentations and workshops that illustrate the ways integrative learning is emerging on campuses across CUNY.

The May 6 conference offers opportunities to explore the emerging potential of integrative learning at CUNY and colleges nationwide, and to share insight into related issues of pedagogy and practice. Dr. Lee Knefelkamp, a noted scholar of student intellectual and ethical development and a Senior Fellow at the AAC&U, will give the conference keynote. Co-author of the AAC&U's Greater Expectations: A New Vision for Learning as a Nation Goes to College, Knefelkamp is widely known for her work around issues of diversity, found in The Drama of Diversity and Democracy and American Pluralism and the College Curriculum.